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Feb 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
that had is that. and she's just always believed in us. she believed in me. and john and joey. and took us to games. and... played catch with us. and shot basket was us. just -- believed in us. >> no one would fight for for us than our mom and teach us how to be there for one another. she made it clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. another thing a smart thoughtful lady. you know, we might have been talking football with dad in the basement but mom talking about you know, world affairs and history and things going on in 70s in our world. mom is tuned into those things that brought up conversations and helped make us more well round people. >> love the line, "mom kmeets kpeets like a maniac". abc 7 news reporter joins us live now with more on the banjo man. wayne? 9! the banjo man. we're on the deck of a restaurant looking down with game two days away. game tickets $2,000 or up, imagine not knowing if you'd see the game.b7 >> in new orleans, music any time, any place from one guy... from night time... sunshine, no matter, if it's possible to paint streets with music
Jan 30, 2013 5:00pm PST
talks to anyone.spi am i talking too much? >> we're so excited for john and jismt to be in this situation. >> there is going to be one win jer one going to be disappointed and my thoughts go to that one that will not experience the thrill of victory. >> what do you do? root for rave dwrobz tie it up? they can't play an endless tie. >> well, i think that the nfl change that had ru. -- rule. if it ends in a tie it will be a tie.'g(> this is fantastic Ãit better than us. >> they're great parents. they're not the only family in the nfl. vernon davis, his brother plays for the colts. who is going to win the super bowl? all have you to do is consult the stars. we bring in abc 7 wayne freedman who is consulting with i believe the ultimate source. wayne? >> certainly an ultimate source we're on st. peter's street there are more fans appearing and they're all talking about the spread. it's three and a half points in favor of the niners right now. we needed something more specific. so we're hear. house of voodoo. they have a lot of interesting things here. some of which
Jan 31, 2013 5:00pm PST
it s. ♪ [ music ] . >> that is john b on the mike. the song is niners in it. >> very, very cool. >>> this is "world news." tonight, whiteout. the record-breaking storm sends car after car crashing on the highway. in indianapolis today, a 40-car pileup. and we show you what it's like when a clear highway suddenly becomes a dangerous wall of white. >>> on defense. the president's pick for defense secretary faces a blistering attack. will he get the job? >>> while you were out. a new crime spree in los angeles reveals the new way thieves are targeting your home when you're away. >>> and beyonce answers. by singing live at a press conference. ♪ o e'er the land of the free ♪ >> did her high notes and her words silence the critics? >>> good evening. we begin tonight with that dangerous goliath of a winter storm. you can see it visible from space in an image released today. this storm has prompted 750 reports of severe weather on the ground. and a lot of driversre
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3